Evening Trout Fishing on Lake Rotoehu

Fishing pictures 005 Sunday evening Bruce and his son Aaron aged 10 went fishing on Fish Bin Laden with Rainbow Trout Lodge/Back of Beyond Cottage co host Tony Lipanovic.

As we cruised the Lake looking for fish it was a slow start as the sun was out and water temperature was up a couple of degrees. Approaching dusk at a favourite fishing hole, 3 fat rainbow trout were landed and 2 released.

I considered that is was just about time to think about going home when the reel screamed out at a furious rate. Aaron fought hard to turn and bring the fish in. However, it was a huge task so passed the rod myself and for some 15 minutes fought a hard won battle with the reel screaming on to many occasions to recall.

Eventually the magnificent rainbow trout was seen near the boat yet the sight of us spurred it into even more runs and powerful evasive tactics. With dedicated patience I brought the huge fish alongside and Bruce netted it after 3 attempts!

WOW! We all admired the 3.1 kilo (6.82lb) Jack Rainbow Trout in magnificent condition. To release or keep was the question? Then there on its back disguised by years of growth was a tag! So inside the fish bin he went.  It was released in 2010 as a fingerling being about 12 inches long. So in overview 4 years old, 3.3 kilo(6.82lb) and 64cm(2 feet.09974).

It was a magnificent Rainbow Trout that smoked up well. Congratulations Aaron for hooking a great fish from Lake Rotoehu on Fish Bin Laden out of Rainbow Trout Lodge. Bruce and Aaron took that fish and another home for their family in Hamilton.


Rainbow Trout Lodge